Sugar Pistachio main purpose is to offer our customers a range of high quality products that will help make life easier with kids. The name Sugar Pistachio was inspired by my little one. In chinese pistachio can be literally translated as "happy nut" because its cracked shell looks like a smile description of a person very happy, high mood person who makes other people happy.

As a mother who knows how difficuit it can be, we aim to make Sugar Pistachio a one stop, comprehensive and innovative shop for all kids

We’re continually searching, choosing and adding great new products to our family. If you have great products and want us to distribute it for you please contact us. If you have any suggestion, compliments or complaints please address it to : we’d love to hear from you. 

We would like your shopping experience to be an enjoyable and rewarding one. We believe that all parents want the best for their children as they bring them into a new world